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Key Reasons Why Home Staging is Essential in Houston, TX

Homes that are NOT staged sit on the market for an average of 65 – 70 days - according to Zillow. The price point, location, market temperatures, and the home’s condition all play an important role in how long a property takes to sell.

Not to worry, we have well-thought-out strategies to help you speed up the selling process.

No, we are not magicians, but we do have a magical approach. Let’s take a deeper dive into why home staging is crucial to selling a home quickly in Houston and areas like Sugar Land and Pearland. The first strategy we use in Houston is to invest in staging from day one.

1. Invest in home staging from the beginning.

If you want to sell your home quickly AND for top dollar, staging is the only way to go. With a modest initial investment along with the numerous advantages it provides, it is obvious to see why home staging from the beginning plays a vital role in getting your desired results at the price you deserve.

In many instances, you may surpass the asking price by up to 25% more than your asking price.

Now, that’s a great ROI (return on investment). Wouldn’t you agree?

2. Stand out from the competition.

A move-in ready house is more appealing than a fixer-upper. Most buyers would prefer to buy a home that is turnkey meaning they can move right in without having to make any repairs or major cosmetic changes. With home staging in Houston and surrounding areas like Sugar Land and Pearland, some of the key steps are making necessary repairs and neutralizing the home’s decor. Buyers can walk into the home and instantly imagine their lives there thus making your home immediately stand out from the competition.

3. Encourages multiple offers.

It has been my experience that every seller’s primary aim is to sell the home at or above their asking price. And, it has been confirmed in a survey by Home Staging Resource, sellers that invest in home staging receive anywhere from 6-25% more for their homes than those that are not staged. The reason is crystal clear. With home staging in Houston and surrounding areas like Sugar Land and Pearland, you create the opportunity for more potential buyers to reach out to the agent in charge of selling the property. Not only does this increase the likelihood of multiple offers being placed on the home, but it also opens the possibility that those offers will essentially exceed the asking price.

4. Prevents the need for a price reduction.

The investment in home staging is always less than a price reduction. In most cases, when there is little to no interest in a property after about 2-4 weeks, a price modification of around $5,000 or more is applied to attract a larger pool of potential buyers. If there is still a lack of interest, yet another price reduction is applied to the home. By investing a few hundred dollars in home staging in Houston and surrounding areas like Sugar Land and Pearland from the beginning of selling your home, you can often avoid this price reduction. In the end, the small investment that you make in professional home staging can often save you thousands of dollars.

5. Home Selling is More Online Based Than in Recent Years.

Eighty-nine percent of potential buyers found that photos of online listings were extremely valuable. More than half of buyers use a mobile device to find homes online before they ever contact a real estate agent according to data found on the National Association of Realtors’ website. What we have concluded is that the new generation of buyers wants to see photos beforehand. They have no time to waste. Hence the reason those photos must be appealing enough that potential buyers will reach out to their favorite agent for a showing.

Still need to understand why home staging is important, I encourage you to read our blog post The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Home Stager.

If you are in Houston, Sugar Land, or Pearland, TX, and thinking of selling your home or are a Real Estate Agent, I am always available to discuss how we can help your home stand out to potential purchasers and sell your home faster.

Call 281-699-6678 for more information.

Thanks for reading,

Yulonda Buster, Designs by Duchess

Award Winning Home Stager and Interior Designer

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