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7 Reasons Not to Hire an Interior Designer

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I realize this may be a bit shocking, especially coming from an interior designer, but full-service interior design is NOT for everyone.

Having a magazine-ready home that fits your lifestyle and budget IS for everyone, but that doesn't mean you need to hire an interior designer. Believe it or not, there are several categories of people who should save their money and apply them elsewhere.


If combing the aisles at Ross is your favorite weekend routine, kudos to you! You may be someone who has a pile of catalogs delivered to you on a regular basis. You are excited to see the latest sales from top home furnishing stores like Bassett and Star Furniture. Both of those stores are remarkable and offer free design services to their customers and this may be a great alternative for you! These in-store selections enable you to get your shop on and design feedback at the same time.

Working with a skilled designer is more like fine dining in a 5-star restaurant; you place your order, and the chef works his magic in the kitchen before you ever get your meal. You don't see every element that goes into making it happen, you just know what the menu described.

Comparably, when a designer presents their design ideas, we do not expect the clients to shop for the "materials." If you would prefer to cook your own food, then perhaps you shouldn't hire an interior designer.

A BETTER OPTION may be for you to schedule a consultation with a designer who can direct you to the right sources for your next shopping excursion.


Designing, sourcing, renovating, procuring goods, and installing any space takes a HUGE amount of time. You may enjoy the challenge and dedicate all your free time to doing so. Maybe you are an individual that has taken the time to educate yourself on technical software that designers use to document and illustrate their designs. Interior designers spend a myriad of hours keeping up with the latest color trends, products and continuing education. We spend a significant amount of time attending workshops, markets, seminars, conferences, and courses to ensure that we can provide you with the most applicable solutions. If you have loads of free time that you can dedicate to doing the same, then perhaps you don't need an interior designer.

A BETTER OPTION may be for you to consider a virtual consultation with an interior designer that can fill in the gaps between where you are and where you need to be, right from the comfort of your own computer.


If you have not done your homework and have not done your research to figure out how much you want to invest into your project, you probably should not be hiring an interior designer.

Although having a beautiful home is something that everyone can achieve on almost any budget, working with a designer is making a choice to hire a professional. When you go to the optometrist, you expect to pay optometrist fees.  The same goes for an interior designer! While we love what we do, it does not negate the fact that we are business professionals providing an experience for our clients AND an expertly tailored product. When you are ready to invest in the total package of full-service design, hiring an interior designer can yield an amazing return on investment.

A BETTER OPTION may be for you to save your money and when you're ready, call a designer. I promise your experience will be worth the wait!


Working with a designer requires an immense amount of trust that a homeowner must be able and willing to give. Designers have your budget, lifestyle needs and timeline at the very top of their priority list. The benefit of working with a designer is that we manage all the moving pieces that need to be coordinated to achieve the results you want. If we are to do this successfully, you have to let go! The process will be collaborative, but you have to allow yourself to rest in the fact that your designer has the BIG picture taken care of.

A BETTER OPTION would be for you to get an exclusive curated design plan + shop online with an e-design package.


When you hire an interior designer for a full-service design or renovation project, we never expect you (the client) to lift a finger. That means everything from the shopping to the deliveries, to the installation, furniture inspection and assembly and anything in between is left up to us. Interior designers come with a team of trusted tradespeople to execute skillfully crafted results. If you would prefer to do it yourself, then hiring an interior designer may not be the best fit for you.

Fortunately, many designers (including me!) provide e-design services where we provide a detailed design plan for you to implement yourself! That allows you to show off your DIY skills and save a few dollars at the same time. It is imperative to identify how you would like to work with a designer in your beginning conversations to avoid confusion down the road.  

A BETTER OPTION for you may be to tap into designer tips in search of a plan prepared just for you. 


I said what I said! Some of you are holding on to things that just don't belong in your home anymore. It may have some kind of sentimental value, or maybe you paid a lot of money for it eons ago but NOW, it's got to go! Interior designers can do some great things with a bit of your existing furniture, art, and accessories.

But we cannot work magic on the things that just simply do not fit your current design goals. If you insist on holding on to grandma's vintage dresser and ottoman with wheels or grandpa's dirty over-sized recliner, then working with an interior designer may not be for you. 

A BETTER OPTION for you would be to have a designer help you enhance and edit what you have so that you can live in a way that is suitable for you! Let's chat.


You’re probably thinking that not knowing what you like is a good reason to hire a designer but if you don’t have any idea how you will use your space or how you want it to feel, it’s function or what you like or don’t like, it’ll be even harder for the designer to determine and create a space that is uniquely you.  A designer is to help guide your design and decisions but can’t make them for you. A starting point is always a benefit in order to reap the reward.

A BETTER OPTION for you would be to explore things that interest you; visit some of your favorite stores or get inspiration from places you’ve traveled.

If you see yourself in these reasons, it's perfectly ok!

The beautiful thing about the design industry these days is that there are so many different approaches in which you CAN work with a designer. Even if full-service interior design is not the best option for you today, I encourage you to seek out a design service that fits your personality and will provide you with the home that is beautiful to you.

If you don't see yourself in these reasons and would like the "fine dining experience" from a skilled designer...

I encourage you to reach out and learn about the Interior Design and Home Staging services I offer in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, along with e-design services for those who are not local.

Thanks for reading,

Yulonda Buster, Designs by Duchess

Award Winning Home Stager and Interior Designer


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