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Short-Term Rental Design

Now that short-term rentals are progressively more popular, homeowners are faced with having to put more effort into designing their spaces to attract renters. 

To have your Short-Term Rental fully booked at all times, Designs by Duchess is the right way to go. We create beautiful vacation spaces that have the comforts of a retreat yet the feeling of a home. Let Designs by Duchess add the finishing touches! 

We work with Short-Term Rental Owners in Houston, Sugarland, Pearland and surrounding areas.

Short-Term Rental Decorating Tips

Make it Colorful

Comfy is good but fun is better!  Color has an emotional impact on mood. Bright and bold colors set the stage for energy and playfulness thus creating a happy place.

Function is Key

Make sure furniture is size appropriate and could work in several ways.  Multipurpose furniture can adapt in many situations.  They are clever choices and can be very fashionable as well. Modular elements that can be moved around provide freedom in positioning decor. 

Divide it Up

Shelving, curtains, decorative dividers and other furniture pieces are an excellent way to separate spaces in open floor plans, particularly small spaces. 

Examples of Our Short Term Rental Staging

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