Men Want Great Living Spaces Too!

Updated: Oct 28

Gone are the days when men didn’t care about the environment they live in or design. Now a well-organized space, a beautiful design that reflects a unique style is for everyone.

It has been implied that very light furnishings are viewed as feminine, while very dark colors are viewed as masculine. Thinking in terms of feminine or masculine is a thing of the past. Instead, the goal is to create harmony with colors, style with restraint and showcase sophistication.

When it comes to furnishing a man’s space, the home should feel curated, not decorated. To ensure you don’t make your home look like a JCPenny catalog, mix items from different eras and places, perhaps a traditional chesterfield sofa with a modern accent chair.

Here are 11 tips to get you going in the right direction:

  • Coordinate the right color schemes for each room

  • Be sure to let the natural light shine in

  • Use greenery and plants with color

  • Select paintings and artwork that add character

  • Use multi-purpose storage

  • Think strategically about lighting and their placement to affect the mood of the space

  • Include a carefully crafted bar or bar cart

  • Be purposeful in styling your coffee table, and hide those remotes

  • Add books or magazines to share your cultural knowledge and interests

  • Lastly, and most importantly, let your personality reflect in how you live

Even with these tips, creating a space you will love to live in and share with friends and family can be challenging. It is easy to go on a shopping spree and then become overwhelmed with where and what to do with the elements you have purchased.

Before you get to this stage, consider connecting with a professional Interior Designer, like me. We take your ideas and create a plan to accomplish your end goal.

From color consult to product sourcing, we do the heavy lifting while you reap the rewards of a professionally designed space that you are comfortable and proud to call home.

For help creating your space we offer online and in-person design consultations. Let’s connect today,

Yulonda Buster, Designs by Duchess

Award Winning Home Stager and Interior Designer

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